Who are we

Mholi has a board of directors with significant experience in mining, engineering and business operations. The directors have served on the board since the company was first started in 2014. Mholi is a superior provider of wear lining materials and installation services, we offer this coupled with innovative engineering solutions. We also assist our clients in sourcing different mechanical and metallurgical equipment.

Key Milestones


We opened our doors and in May that year we started offering cyclone refurbishment services to Minopex – Phola Coal Plant. Our first project was to refurbish a 1150mm cyclone cone, which was then followed by refurbishment of a full cyclone. This offered us an opportunity to explore our capabilities further and strategically plan for the following years ensuring we have all the resources required to meet all the plans we had for the following year


We grew stronger in cyclone refurbishments and started our wear lining and onsite installation services. Our client base also increased and we were offered opportunities to work with other companies in our industry to service giants like Anglo American Thermal Coal.


In addition to the two service offering at the time we grew our staff, adding more maintenance crews, fleet, workshop machinery and we moved to more suitable premises to offer our clients the best services possible. This also helped us identify suitable support staff and build strategic partnerships that would enable us to have access to new markets and broaden our customer base. These include partnership with Amsterdam Trading as well as affiliation with Raizcorp.

This is the year we also strengthened our steel fabrication business, offering design, manufacturing and repairs of steel equipment both to mining houses and power generation stations.


We continued spreading our wings and exploring new geographic territories in the KZN. Our staff complement has grown from just three temporary employees to 9 permanent staff and 4 temporary staff members. We have trained 2 qualified engineering professionals who have moved on to have blossoming careers in the industry.

We now offer satisfactory services to clients all over Mpumalanga and KZN. We have recently introduced a new wing in the business that offers plant hire services to the coal industry, this is also growing stronger and proving to be worthwhile addition to our business.


PATRICK MABENA (Operations Director)

Patrick Mabena oversees the entire organization operations. Patrick is an experienced metallurgical engineer with vast experience at senior technical and business levels. He is a passionate businessman with diverse interests in the mineral and engineering sector.

THANDIWE MABENA (Managing Director)

Thandiwe Mabena oversees the organisation and manages strategic and key stakeholders of the business including sales, client relations management and design assurance. Thandiwe is an experienced metallurgical engineer with over 8 years’ experience in the mineral processing and mining sectors.